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The Voice Dialogue Path

Discover & Embrace Your Many Selves: A Path to Wholeness


A Path to Wholeness

 A Path to
Personal Growth

 A Path to Transformative

Voice Dialogue is a method for developing and exploring awareness of our inner selves (also known as “parts,” "sub-personalities,” or “archetypal energies"). In a session, the facilitator leads the client into a direct experience of the selves in order to develop an Aware Ego Process through which the selves can be engaged consciously.

Although most of us think of ourselves as a single “I”, we are actually comprised of a complex tapestry of selves. Each self holds to and advocates for a particular view of the world. Each protects a particular vulnerability. From an early age, most of us identified with a small number of these selves which then became our primary ways of being in the world. At the same time, we disowned other selves with alternate, sometimes conflicting perspectives.

The psyche, however, tends toward wholeness and these disowned selves, hungry for our attention, come after us. One place we see them is in the people we judge. Paradoxically, we also can fall in love with people who carry our disowned selves. 

Voice Dialogue facilitation empowers you to stay connected to your primary selves and the opposite, disowned selves at the same time. This process of holding the tension between these opposites, known in Voice Dialogue as the Aware Ego Process, provides wholeness and a greater sense of choice and agency in your life.



Voice Dialogue is a non-pathologizing technique that empowers its practitioners to participate actively in their own growth. Nothing is discarded and no self is rejected. On the contrary, clients come to embrace the selves they have long identified with and to welcome the selves they have disowned. As clients move in and out of these selves during sessions, they learn to perceive the signs that specific selves are active. When they leave the sessions, they take these signs into their lives and practice noticing and dis-identifying with different selves on their own.

Dream work  and creative arts expression are also utilized in this work and contribute richly to the development of the Aware Ego Process. In dream work, we will explore different characters in your dreams as different selves to be facilitated. In between sessions, dream work and art will be recommended to engage the selves and to understand their place in your life. 




Voice Dialogue will add aliveness to your relationships and help you navigate some of the pitfalls. In Voice Dialogue sessions we explore bonding patterns that come up between you and the people with whom you interact—whether at home, at work, or elsewhere.

The founders of Voice Dialogue, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, define the bonding pattern as “the default setting in relationships.” Bonding patterns are completely natural but often unconscious ways of interacting that are based on parent/child dynamics. Essential when we are children for the bond with our parents to develop, these patterns tend to remain  and impact our adult relationships in adverse ways. 

With Voice Dialogue facilitation, these patterns become visible and you are given the opportunity and the tools to stay connected with your primary selves and with the selves your partner or colleague or friend is holding. The Aware Ego Process has the power to shift the bonding patterns and revitalize your relationships.



Tamara Yates, MDiv, ThM

Trained in Voice Dialogue Facilitation with J'aime ona Pangaia, who is a senior trainer for Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone with over 30 years of practice. In 2013, she completed a 2-year Transformational Arts Program that focused on Voice Dialogue, archetypal studies, and dream work. Subsequently, she facilitated 100 sessions with supervision from Ms. ona Pangaia.

Tamara receives consistent Voice Dialogue facilitation herself, and has since 2011. She is committed to ongoing education and participates quarterly in Voice Dialogue Facilitator's Practicums, also led by Ms. ona Pangaia.

For Tamara, Voice Dialogue is powerful work that has made it possible for her to appreciate the tension between opposite parts of herself instead of rejecting one side in favor of the other. She is thrilled to be on the path of creating an Aware Ego Process where all her selves have a seat at the table and are recognized as contributing something of value.

She discovered this work while living in a L'Arche community with people with intellectual disabilities. There she learned how to stay present with vulnerability in herself and others. Her passion for Voice Dialogue is deeply aligned with the values she nurtured at L'Arche and with her longterm interest in Jungian and depth psychology perspectives.

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When I signed up to do this work I didn't have any notion of what Voice Dialogue was, but I felt drawn to work with Tamara. I spoke to her about setting up a few sessions to help me process some challenges that had presented themselves in my life. 

As our session began I was in awe of what was coming up for me, and coming out of my mouth. I was discovering parts of myself that I hadn't been fully aware of before. Tamara held the space in such a way that allowed for this to happen: complete un-selfconscious expression of the myriad of aspects that were involved in keeping myself stuck and in a state of challenge. I left each session with a wealth of new information and compassion for my process that allowed me to move forward with ease. 

Tamara has an ability to ask the kinds of questions that are like keys to locked up parts of the self. She is a powerful facilitator. --S.G.



"Voice Dialogue allowed different parts of myself to emerge, sometimes parts I did not even realize existed before.  Tuning in, giving those parts a chance to express themselves, has been healing and integrating for me.  Tamara is a caring practitioner from whom to learn this approach."  --T.B.


"Tamara has an amazing gift. In our work together she created an environment where all parts of me felt seen, understood and valued, and I felt free to explore deep and hidden places without the shame I may have felt in the past. I have experienced a lot of healing and therapeutic modalities and was impressed with the power of this work to get right to the core. Tamara's compassion and insight helped me begin to love and understand the more wounded aspects of myself so that I am even more open to the healing wisdom they possess." --A.L.

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Dancing with the Selves

This class will be offered in Fall 2019. There will potentially be at least one class in Eugene and one in Corvallis. 
contact me if you're interested in joining.

One of the images offered by Hal and Sidra Stone to illuminate the Aware Ego Process is that of the Energy Master who can dance with whatever energy is encountered, whether from within or without. Most of the time, many of us engage archetypal energies or selves in a more reactive way, usually without a great deal of consciousness.

In order to develop this mastery, one must be able to recognize, understand, and stay somewhat separate from the archetypal energies as they emerge, either from within ourselves or from the people in our lives. This class is an opportunity to explore, engage, and learn to dance with eight classic archetypal energies over eight months. We will meet twice a month to wonder together about four sets of opposite energies and investigate how they show up in the world, in our relationships, and in ourselves.

In the first session, Encountering the Self, we’ll look for the energies in film and literature, in our lives, and in each other through Voice Dialogue facilitation. Then we’ll go home and look for the energies in our dreams and in the activities of our daily lives. After a couple weeks we’ll come back together for a second session, Exploring the Self. We’ll engage the self through creative arts expression, letting psyche guide us to images that can further illuminate the self we are seeking to dance with.

In order to create a container of safety and trust, participants are required to attend all the first week sessions. Artistic exploration (third week sessions) can be done on your own if necessary.

Prerequisites: If you are new to Voice Dialogue, you will need to attend or watch on video my Free Intro to Voice Dialogue. In order to be personally facilitated in the Encountering the Self sessions, you will also need to receive at least one Voice Dialogue session with me. You can do that at any time during the eight months.

Click here to sign up or request more information.