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Voice Dialogue is a method for developing and exploring awareness of our inner selves (also known as “parts,” "sub-personalities,” or “archetypal energies"). In a session, the facilitator leads the client into a direct experience of the selves in order to develop an Aware Ego Process through which the selves can be engaged consciously.

Although most of us think of ourselves as a single “I”, we are actually comprised of a complex tapestry of selves. Each self holds to and advocates for a particular view of the world. Each protects a particular vulnerability. From an early age, most of us identified with a small number of these selves which then became our primary ways of being in the world. At the same time, we disowned other selves with alternate, sometimes conflicting perspectives.

The psyche, however, tends toward wholeness and these disowned selves, hungry for our attention, come after us. One place we see them is in the people we judge. Paradoxically, we also can fall in love with people who carry our disowned selves. 

Voice Dialogue facilitation empowers you to stay connected to your primary selves and the opposite, disowned selves at the same time. This process of holding the tension between these opposites, known in Voice Dialogue as the Aware Ego Process, provides wholeness and a greater sense of choice and agency in your life.



Voice Dialogue is a non-pathologizing technique that empowers its practitioners to participate actively in their own growth. Nothing is discarded and no self is rejected. On the contrary, clients come to embrace the selves they have long identified with and to welcome the selves they have disowned. As clients move in and out of these selves during sessions, they learn to perceive the signs that specific selves are active. When they leave the sessions, they take these signs into their lives and practice noticing and dis-identifying with different selves on their own.

Dream work  and creative arts expression are also utilized in this work and contribute richly to the development of the Aware Ego Process. In dream work, we will explore different characters in your dreams as different selves to be facilitated. In between sessions, dream work and art will be recommended to engage the selves and to understand their place in your life. 




Voice Dialogue will add aliveness to your relationships and help you navigate some of the pitfalls. In Voice Dialogue sessions we explore bonding patterns that come up between you and the people with whom you interact—whether at home, at work, or elsewhere.

The founders of Voice Dialogue, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, define the bonding pattern as “the default setting in relationships.” Bonding patterns are completely natural but often unconscious ways of interacting that are based on parent/child dynamics. Essential when we are children for the bond with our parents to develop, these patterns tend to remain  and impact our adult relationships in adverse ways. 

With Voice Dialogue facilitation, these patterns become visible and you are given the opportunity and the tools to stay connected with your primary selves and with the selves your partner or colleague or friend is holding. The Aware Ego Process has the power to shift the bonding patterns and revitalize your relationships.