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Dancing with the Selves

This class will be offered in early 2019. 
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One of the images offered by Hal and Sidra Stone to illuminate the Aware Ego Process is that of the Energy Master who can dance with whatever energy is encountered, whether from within or without. Most of the time, many of us engage archetypal energies or selves in a more reactive way, usually without a great deal of consciousness.

In order to develop this mastery, one must be able to recognize, understand, and stay somewhat separate from the archetypal energies as they emerge, either from within ourselves or from the people in our lives. This class is an opportunity to explore, engage, and learn to dance with eight classic archetypal energies over eight months. We will meet twice a month to wonder together about four sets of opposite energies and investigate how they show up in the world, in our relationships, and in ourselves.

In the first session, Encountering the Self, we’ll look for the energies in film and literature, in our lives, and in each other through Voice Dialogue facilitation. Then we’ll go home and look for the energies in our dreams and in the activities of our daily lives. After a couple weeks we’ll come back together for a second session, Exploring the Self. We’ll engage the self through creative arts expression, letting psyche guide us to images that can further illuminate the self we are seeking to dance with.

In order to create a container of safety and trust, participants are required to attend all the first week sessions. Artistic exploration (third week sessions) can be done on your own if necessary.

Prerequisites: If you are new to Voice Dialogue, you will need to attend  or watch on video my Free Intro to Voice Dialogue. In order to be personally facilitated in the Encountering the Self sessions, you will also need to receive at least one Voice Dialogue session with me. You can do that at any time during the eight months.

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